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The entire human race universally wears articles of clothing, ornaments or attire to protect their body from adverse climatic condition. In supplementaryverses clothing is also referring to covering of the torso, and limbs, as well as the coverings of hands, feet and head. But people wear clothing for purposeful as well as communal reasons. Apart from the real-world function of placing a piece of fabric above the skin, wearing clothes also conveys precise cultural and social meaning.

A Saree is typicallyfemaleapparel from the Indian subcontinent that comprise a drape varying from five yards to nine yards that is typically wrapped around waist, with one end swathed over theshoulder. Impending to history of sari, it is outlined back to the Indus valley civilization, which flourished during 2800-1800 B.C around the North West part of the Indian subcontinent. The word Sareeoriginated form the word sattika stated in earliest Jain and Buddhist prose as women attire.At present days Saree with its innovative design and appearance, is one of the most famous and dignified women attire. It gives an ethnic look to the individual wearing it. It is one of the best planned and graceful costumes of unstitched length of textile draped around the body of Indian women. There are plenty of Saree shops or boutiques in Chennai, if you are in search of leading Saree boutique in Chennai then without any delay pay a visit to Anita designer studio for attractive range of Saree’s.


Though many of the Indian individuals living in India as well as living in foreign countries are tiring western dress, it is very common for Indian women to wear the Saree for important as well traditional ceremonies such as weddings, puja etc. while draping Saree’s at different traditional function gives an ethnic theme as well as traditional look. Get yourself an ethic Saree by visiting our Saree boutique in Chennai.

Designer kurtis shops in Chennai


In most ethoses, clothing was hosted as method of protecting the human body contrary to extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, intense heat, cold and precipitation.  In particular, the weaves of clothes prevent the circulation of air around the skin, and thus avoid the exit of the air reheated by the skin, and thus avoid the exit of the air reheated by skin which makes people feel uncomfortable and cold.The penchants of women changes with the passage of time, mainly when it comes against dresses.  kurtis is such a piece of cloth which protects our body from extreme as well as gives us an ethnic look.  Kurtis put gained colossal prevalent regard in the recent old times. A vital melodious score of each woman keeps herself modernized relative to the fashion trend. The horde ways in repute to wear kurti have different effects on one’s personality. If you are in search of designer Kurti shops in Chennai then visit to Anita designer studio and grab the best innovatively designed kurti.



Our Kurti are premeditated in a variety of pattern such as geometric, abstract, floral, ethnic and plain. We provide our customers with different types of neck designs such as round, regular old fogy, boat, angarkha, collar, half irons and V-neck. We also deliver our kurtis with abundant range of fabrics such as cotton, silk, georgette, linen, satin, crepe etc.

India can be termed as the daughter of traditional kurta. In India fashion always keeps on changing but the fashion of kurtis have remained eternal and has not changed with passing times.  The most captivating factor about kurti is that it can be made in innumerable styles to suit the necessities of the wearer and the occasion.  Right from modest fitted Kurti to angarkha style, the alternative of designing stay endless. For such innovative designed and captivating kurta pay a visit to Anita designer studio

Readymade wedding gowns in Chennai



Are you questing for Readymade wedding gowns in Chennai?Are you familiar with the fact that wedding that wedding plays a significant part in the life of couples? The most imperative part of wedding is the vows between the bride and the groom. This vow helps the couples to proclaim their commitment to the relationship. The wedding gowns are the essential attire that is mostly worn by many of the brides.


  • It represents the class, they may be price oriented but are personalized for every person. These gowns are not made in factory in bulks like others do. We solitarily design your gown with supreme delicacy.
  • It makes you feel proud to stand out in the crowd with your designer gown. when you buy a designer western gowns in Chennaifrom us that is only made for you will definitely enrich your beauty
  • We use good fabric to make your designer gown durable and long lasting and we also select fabric that would match your personality.
  • Our proficient as well as skilled designers are efficient enough to fabricate a unique design for you.
  • You will yourself feel vigorous while wearing our designer gown. You will become more confident after wearing our Gowns.

We celebrate marriage only once, so we should definitely purchase such a gown that will be cherishing. As we all know that wedding is imperious occasion in every women life, so buy best quality designer Gown from Anita Designer Studio.


Anita Designer is one of the leading designer boutiques in Chennai that brings you terrific western gown as compared to any other designer in Chennai. Since our birth we are centred to provide utmost gratification to all our prerequisite clients. Our proficient as well as skilled employees effort to provide you a unique piece of attire.



Are you searching for Paramount wedding gowns in Chennai with price that will be in your budget? As we all know that wedding in Indian tradition has an immense prominence. It reflects the affiliation and bond amongst two families and couples. It’s express the truthiness of being together. Every religion follows diverse custom to accomplish the holy gathering of marriage but one thing that is unavoidable in every matrimonial function is a wedding gown.


Typically gown is wobbly outer apparel from knee to full length worn mostly by the women of the society. The length of the gown is very long as compared to any other attire. It is a type of fancy dress that is trending now days and is becoming popular day by day. Gowns are not only a kind of wedding attire it is also worn at different parties and if you are probing for such reception and party gowns in Chennai then instantaneously visit to Anita Designer Studio.


There are a diverse range of wedding gowns trending in the abode some of them are listed below:-

  • The mermaid style/ the trumpet gown
  • The A-line wedding Gown
  • The Tea-length gown
  • The Exaggerated drop gown
  • The empire waist gown
  • jacket gown
  • The Saree Gown
  • The sheath or column wedding
  • ball gown
  • Inverted Basque
  • The princess gown


Anita Designer Studio is the premium designer boutique that is renowned as the creator of long gowns in Chennai. Our expertized as well as professional designers design fabulous gowns, to give you an augmenting and enhancing look. If you are in need of having gown to blow away the entire party then choose us.